For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: Why is V | H Consulting is best firm to reach out to for developing my business?

A: We offer the highest level of integrity that exists. W care about each and everyone of our clients. Our sole goal is to see you succeed, not because we are motivated by money. Because we have so much talent that we want to use it correctly. We want to be able to offer you value in areas that you need so you can flourish in every area and enjoy life, and not just professionally.


Q: What is V | H Consulting’s special creed?

A: Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. That is our motto at V | H Consulting. The way we see it, there are plenty of ideas that need to be organized and developed to help people flourish professionally. We do not need to secretly convince people that they need something. There are plenty of businesses that need to be more organized to operate more functionally. There are plenty of people who are operating their personal and professional lives with very little forethought to know what they are actually creating. If people took more time to develop their businesses properly, they could actually be operating their business and revenues much more successfully. Our goal is to organize every single aspect in the most effective ways so that there is a clear path to the objectives you want to be creating. With a clear direction, we can help you succeed in anything.


Q: Aren’t all consultants made the same?

A: Not all consultants are educated or hardwired the same. When you hire a consultant you are hiring their brain. Instead of buying a computer, you are buying their knowledge and skill set. No technology can replace a skilled consultant in real life circumstances.


Q: What is the purpose of hiring a consultant?

A: A consultant is like a personal tour guide. They have already become an expert at navigating certain waters of life. Some of these skill sets could take a lifetime for some people to develop. That is why we sell intelligence. Intelligence is the basis for all we do. We get to know your world; establish objectives; strategize the winning advantage then formulate a plan based on a viable set of deliverables.


Q: Where do consultants learn their skills?

A: Not all consultants have formulated their knowledge the same. Not all consultants see the big picture the same way. What makes V | H Consulting so unique are the skill sets that are adapted to modern day. V | H Consulting pulls from the finest experts to make certain projects come together. With over 20 affiliates and contract advisors our solutions pull from the greatest thinkers. Some perspectives are just common sense while others are able to notice the nuances that can make or break success.


Q: What determines success if I hire V | H Consulting as my consulting firm?

A: Our superb operations lead to very high end status, yet we work with all individuals with visions both big and smaller. Our love and passion for learning are what have led us to specialize in other unique forms of human capital and creative investment. We work closely with your personal needs and objectives while remaining completely confidential in obtaining and supplying the right information. The goal is transparency, united efforts and crystal clear intentions. We know our work is complete when our client attains their objectives.


Q: What are the areas of expertise, Valerie Harper has experience in?

A: Specializing in four of the seven arms of consulting, Valerie Harper is recognized as one of the most influential up and coming professionals in consulting. Integral to her business model, and a leader in developmental processes, her company will silently exceed each one of your expectations.

Her capabilities are numerous. Including but not limited to:

  • Education
  • Financial advice in relation to self
  • The anatomy of conflict resolution
  • Alternative healing
  • Personal development
  • Certain real estate transactions
  • Human relationships
  • Human motivations
  • Fulfilling personal dreams
  • Interpersonal skills and development
  • People and organization
  • Procurement
  • Personal development
  • Business development
  • Innovation and education
  • Healing mind, body, money challenges
  • Creativity
  • Book writing
  • Ghost writing
  • Screenplays
  • Writing services
  • Analytics & problem solving
  • Financial & emotional correlations to any problem


Q: How is V | H Consulting going to benefit me and or my company?

A: Many people do not yet have the skills, the pitch, or full knowledge to execute their vision. Nor do they provide services to thrive in an endlessly innovative era. Our full spectrum of services aid you in your own professional development. V | H Consulting is geared to assist you in unearthing what you cannot see; find knowledge by compiling the bigger story, reveal the truth of your creative essence within integrity; help you and your business be what it is destined to be; find success in a market that is constantly changing and identify the point of exchange that suits the real you and your needs.


Q: If I am requesting a bid, what are my service options?

A: Some people find it hard to believe we offer such a large variety of services such as these. All you have to do is write down what you need. What do you need and we can provide it. We may not be able to deliver every result, but we can deliver the ones we promise. Here is a list of several service concepts:

  • Improve marketing campaigns
  • Train employees
  • Brainstorm lucrative business concepts
  • Put together a startup team
  • Manage growth and change
  • Structure your creative concepts
  • Find solutions
  • Uncomplicated business
  • Define the process
  • Hire the right people
  • Know your employees
  • Improve consistency
  • Delegate the right responsibilities
  • Work with purpose
  • Create a budget
  • Respect your time
  • Use technology effectively
  • Eliminate needless communication
  • Conduct leadership efficiently
  • Know your customers
  • Train your employees so you can trust them
  • Keep the right people around you
  • Hire the right people
  • Give your staff a purpose
  • Improve productivity
  • Heal from emotional suffering
  • Put an end to poverty
  • Manage creativity
  • Power verses forcing things to happen
  • Manage your entire systems of living
  • Harmonize your family
  • Customize your businesses system
  • Eliminate inconsistencies
  • Figure out configurations
  • Identify opportunities
  • Profile yourself accurately
  • Trainings & corporate functions
  • Ghost Writing & other professional services


Q: Is there anything you don’t offer?

A: There are plenty of services we don’t offer. We can list those for you individually, but simply put, we don’t lie, cheat, or try to sell you something that doesn’t work. Anything unethically or try to get anything over on anybody. We recognize the way people do business today can be highly competitive and conniving. We pride ourselves in the way we operate within the bounds of complete honesty. There are plenty of things we don’t offer and will be upfront about that during the course of working together.


Q: Why is the general time frame for working together?

A: We offer singular consulting packages and packages for ongoing monthly rates. We have clients that have worked with us anywhere from one month to three years. It depends on the scope of the project and many things all determined by both client and consulting firm. We try and work fast so that we are energy efficient. We also like to offer quality work that can require more time for procurement. Time frames are purely determined by the scope of project. We can modify the services and adjust certain plans depending on your own personal or professional budget.


Q: Why is V | H Consulting objective of working with me? Can I really trust them with my ideas and in developing me?

A: Our services come down to is really giving you what you need. If we don’t have the right resource, we identify it for you. Our main objective is to help you succeed. The benefit of having all of your professional needs met through one company is that it never gets confusing. You are always aware of all the moving parts and what is happening. We break down projects in phases of development. We execute ideas in a way that is flawless and we work with other trusted affiliates who are honest. We work with confidentially and hold a fiduciary responsibility to the subset of your complexities. What you set forth is yours to keep. We are here to ensure you succeed. We offer the highest level of confidentiality possible.


Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: Call 480.415.8075 and or submit a request via email and we will contact you once we have had a chance to review it. Please include  the name of business and person to contact, areas of concern and main objectives as well as any concerns or previous challenges. We will revert back with a response and set up an initial appointment. This could take up to (4-5) business days depending on what we have happening with other clients.


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